Turf Wars: Real or Artificial?

Turf in a shady sideyard
Artificial Turf
Artificial Turf

The recent drought in California has heightened the conversation about artificial versus real turf. With many water districts offering rebates to homeowners who remove their lawn and replace with artificial turf, low water plant materials or other materials that do not require water. Homeowners are questioning whether to even consider using artificial turf. Be aware, not all artificial turf is created equal. I have seen artificial turf products that are shiney and have a cheap, plastic look. Then, there are some artificial turfs that are almost indistinguishable from real turf and they have what is called brown thatch which gives a much more organic look. This is the artificial turf I recommend to my clients. Woven from 100% polyethylene blades and usually laid over a bed of layers of sand and crushed rock aggregate for drainage.

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Bring Your landscape to Life with Lighting!

Southbay Transitional
EC_5Night After

Illuminating your landscape can completely transform your property. Looking out the window at night brings dimension to the landscape and brings the outside in. LED low voltage lighting is energy efficient and is the best choice for the landscape.

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Drought Tolerant Landscape Elements


A drought tolerant landscape is not a style, it is a careful selection of native and non-native plants that requires low to moderate water also know as xeriscaping. Sustainable landscape practices are not only important during a drought but at all times and for all climate conditions – drought or not. In California and other areas of the country the interest in landscape elements that are drought tolerant and/or drought resistant has increased drastically with the experience of one too many hot summers with temperatures climbing higher then ever experienced before and lack of substantial rain throughout the year. On January 17, 2014 Governor Brown formerly declared that California is in a serious drought. Here are some sustainable landscape practices that should be applied when designing a landscape or renovating an existing landscape:

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