The Ease of Designing Remotely

This pandemic time has forced me to come up with solutions to carry on designing in ways that aren’t necessary when I could simply visit a residence. Thinking through the steps that ‘usually’ take place I came up with ways to carry on with consultations, design work and even consulting on installation without being on site. Who would think it would work? Well it went remarkably smoothly. A designer needs a cooperating client and I was fortunate to have that. Having accurate space measurements, topography, details of existing elements along with photographs documenting the property, the design process commenced. Working closely with the homeowner via Zoom and Facetime The landscape design for MODERN SPANISH began in June of 2020 and the installation completed in March 2021. Park Slope Design recommended the contractors who installed the hardscape and landscape and installation consultation services were provided – check out MODERN SPANISH! I will be meeting with my client in person for the first time in May and I am very much looking forward to meeting her 10 months after starting this design.

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